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Narrative Short in preproduction! 2024!

Advisory Committee!

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narrative short
by Cat Dale

Log Line: Mary MacLane, a wild brilliant teenage writer in Butte, MT, 1901, yearns to escape her oppressed existence and run away with her literature teacher Fannie. She writes to her as she confides in her handsome fantasy companion. As the end of school approaches, time is running out for her to find the right words to tell Fannie of her feelings.


Crew and Representation: We have a 80% female crew above the line and 75% below the line. This story has never been told as a visual “based on '' adaptation of Mary MacLane and is crying out to be heard. As with top rated period pieces like Dickinson and Peaky Blinders' huge popularity, Mary's Story is authentically western and true. The audience will appeal to Montana natives young and old,  history buffs, the LGBTQ+ community, artists of all genres, and the literary community.

We see Euphoria (teen angst) combined with The English as the revisionist angle! Genres include dark comedy/revisionist western.

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The Cast



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Mary MacLane's Story is relevant NOW!
Banning books should not be an option!

Concrete Wall

“MacLane has been overlooked in part because she does not fit neatly into Montana’s perception of itself, or the world’s perception of Montana.” - Martha Kohl, former editor of the Montana Historical Society Press.

The concept and script of Copper Horizon are created by Montana women who have stuck it out for generations and are ready to take back history by telling the dynamic and authentic stories of this place. With the rise of film production in Montana, it’s our chance to define how history is shown. 

Mary’s story has never been told as a visual adaptation of her work and is crying out to be seen. As a revisionist western thick with dark humor, Mary’s origin story will appeal to Montanans young and old, history buffs, the LGBTQ+ community, artists of all genres and feminine free thinkers of today. 

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